Current Series

Getting Back to Work

For many of us there is an invisible wall between what we consider the spiritual part of our lives and the mundane or secular part of our lives. Our work does not fall into the category of "spiritual." Our work is holy because we have been made holy. God's presence is with us in our work in the same way His presence is with us in our worship. In fact, our work is an extension of our worship! If this is true, how does it change our view of work? Join us as we answer that question in our new series called Getting Back to Work. 


God's love for us knows no bounds. His love for us is relentless! Chances are these powerful statements sound nice but in the rush to get this little blurb read and get on to the next thing on your list they probably don't penetrate the inner parts of your soul, where they belong. God knows this, that's why He sent us books like Hosea.