Current Series

Jesus: The Glory of Christ

We begin a new series called Jesus - The Glory of Christ! There are many needs that drive us in this life. When those needs are not met, they turn to fears. When our fears get out of hand, they lead us to some dark places. We have seen fear produce hostility and violence in recent days in our country. How can we replace fear with confidence and hope? It's all about priorities. "Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you."

Pursuit of the King

Our Christmas series is called Pursuit of the King. The Good News is the King is not far from anyone of us. He has revealed Himself. He does not conquer our wills with the force of His power and might (though He could). He overwhelms us with His grace. Join us at Sunlight this Christmas season as we pursue the King.

Getting Back to Work

For many of us there is an invisible wall between what we consider the spiritual part of our lives and the mundane or secular part of our lives. Our work does not fall into the category of "spiritual." Our work is holy because we have been made holy. God's presence is with us in our work in the same way His presence is with us in our worship. In fact, our work is an extension of our worship! If this is true, how does it change our view of work? Join us as we answer that question in our new series called Getting Back to Work. 

For Better or Worse

We dive into a new series called For Better or WorseAs we explore ways to strengthen our marriage relationships in this series, we will consistently find parallels to strengthening our relationship to God. I hope you'll commit to hear every message in this series. God's Word will equip us "for better and for worse" in our relationships.

What's Love Got To Do With It

We begin a new series called What's Love Got To Do With It. In his letter to the churches Pastor John has two primary images that serve as focal points: Light and Love. It is a unique gift when an author or speaker can evoke images in us that spark transformation and action. We are looking forward to diving in to this new series with its images that promise to both haunt and inspire! We hope you join us. 

You Light Up My Life
Jesus's best friend John wrote 5 books of the New Testament. He is a writer who loves images and evokes some powerful emotions. One of the images he uses often is that of Light. He uses it in his Gospel and also in his letters.
Light is a beautiful image for God's presence. John tells us in his final book (Revelation) that there will be no sun in the new heaven and new earth because God's presence will be all the light we need. Join us for an enlightened journey through the book of I John.
When Life Hurts

The problem of human suffering is one of the greatest barriers to faith. Many of you cannot believe in a God who would sit by and allow so much pain and suffering. Allow it He does, but "sit by" He does not. The story of Job reveals a God who is intimately bound up with humanity. God loves Job.

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Top Ten Characters

The overarching series for 2020 is Seeking to See. We are seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible as we move throughout the year. The sub-theme for the coming weeks is: Top Ten Characters. We begin with Adam and Eve.

Top 5 Verses
As we begin 2020 we will set the tone for our deep dive into Scripture by zooming in on the top 5 verses in all of Scripture. We humbly admit these may not be the final answer on the Top 5 verses in God's Word. Every word in our Sacred Text is valuable! We do believe, however, that these unique statements will give us a great start on the major themes of God's redemptive plan outlined in the Bible.
Daniel: Unbreakable/Unshakable

In this new series called: Daniel: Unbreakable/Unshakable, we will discover that there is more at stake than just the shaping of young minds. God is positioning Daniel and his friends to accomplish His purposes even while they are in captivity. It seems unusual that God would choose to keep using His people in exile. He often uses His people most powerfully when they are most powerless. All God's plans for Daniel hinge on Daniel's ability to resist the forces that would shut him off from God. You're going to like this story!

The Bridge
The greatest bridge is our bridge to God. It was burned beyond repair when sin severed our connection to God. We inherited the sin that burned the God-bridge and we added to the damage by our own sin. The connection between us and God was ruined so badly it could not be repaired, but, God, in His grace and power, built a whole new bridge. By his atoning sacrifice, Jesus Christ made it possible for sinful human beings to be in relationship with a holy God. And this is not just a business relationship or an "acquaintance" relationship, no, this relationship with God is deep and abiding! He calls us His children. The Bridge spanning the gap between us and God is the most stunning bridge in the cosmos. This Sunday, we launch a new series to celebrate that bridge. We will marvel at the connection we have with God and the impact it has on every other bridge. – See you Sunday!