Series: You Light Up My Life

You Light Up My Life Part 3

June 14, 2020 | Kris Vos

God gives us multiple motivators. Love is, of course, central but love has many facets. We are not simple creatures and God knows the complexity of our motivations. So, He works in such a way as to strum every string in our hearts. He gives us every possible reason to pursue Him and obey Him. And yet, we still disobey. In spite of all the reasons we have to love purely and wholly, we find reasons to be self-serving and unholy. Pastor John in his first letter to the church tells us we cannot love God and be disobedient. Somehow we must tap into the potent mix of motivators and renew our passion to obey Him. Can you think of any reasons to grow in your obedience to God? Join us this Sunday (in person or online) as we uncover a "new commandment"!

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Jesus's best friend John wrote 5 books of the New Testament. He is a writer who loves images and evokes some powerful emotions. One of the images he uses often is that of Light. He uses it in his Gospel and also in his letters.
Light is a beautiful image for God's presence. John tells us in his final book (Revelation) that there will be no sun in the new heaven and new earth because God's presence will be all the light we need. Join us for an enlightened journey through the book of I John.

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