Series: What's Love Got To Do With It

What's Love Got To Do With It | Finale

August 23, 2020 | Kris Vos

Scripture is filled with encouragement for God's children and the closing verses of I John are no exception. John knows that the church he is writing to has been torn by fighting and division. They are weary from the battle and disillusioned by the aftermath. John reminds them (and us) that God is still with them. He reminds them to ask whatever they need, in Christ's name, and God will give it to them. Join us for the finale in our series What's Love Got To Do With It? We will learn to ask from God means we listen first.

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We begin a new series called What's Love Got To Do With It. In his letter to the churches Pastor John has two primary images that serve as focal points: Light and Love. It is a unique gift when an author or speaker can evoke images in us that spark transformation and action. We are looking forward to diving in to this new series with its images that promise to both haunt and inspire! We hope you join us. 

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