Series: Jesus: The Glory of Christ

Jesus: The Glory of Christ | Part 2

January 17, 2021 | Kris Vos

At Sunlight we are celebrating Epiphany by taking a closer look at the life of Jesus Christ. I hope for all of us it will be an epiphany. I hope for every person who visits online or in-person in the coming weeks it will be an epiphany. As we struggle through the remnants of this pandemic and we navigate this political mine field, we desperately need to catch a glimpse of God.

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We begin a new series called Jesus - The Glory of Christ! There are many needs that drive us in this life. When those needs are not met, they turn to fears. When our fears get out of hand, they lead us to some dark places. We have seen fear produce hostility and violence in recent days in our country. How can we replace fear with confidence and hope? It's all about priorities. "Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you."

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