Divine Design

February 02, 2020 | Kris Vos

I help organize a shoreline clean up each year along the intracoastal waterway as part of my service work with the Lake Worth Kiwanis Club. I enjoy being involved with the community and getting to know good people who like to serve. One of the challenges I deal with is watching some of the folks who are there for the sole purpose of logging community service hours.

I always hope it will be more about serving the community than it will be about logging the hours. But, I must confess, I've been there. There are things I loathe doing, but I must do, so I do the time. Unfortunately, in American culture, this has become true for following Christ. We have some how made it possible for someone to say they are a follower of Jesus (the man who spent His life serving others and ultimately dying for the sake of others) and not do anything to serve others! I know that sounds a bit crazy, how could anyone claim to be a follower of Jesus and not serve other people? It is kinda like saying you are disciple of Martin Luther King Jr. and still harboring prejudice. It just doesn't add up!

#4 of our top 5 verses is Ephesians 2:10. It is a verse that beautifully and lovingly makes it clear that the grace of Jesus Christ in our lives results in a life of service. Not just any service, mind you, but a life of service that is specifically designed with your gifts, passion and experience in mind.

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As we begin 2020 we will set the tone for our deep dive into Scripture by zooming in on the top 5 verses in all of Scripture. We humbly admit these may not be the final answer on the Top 5 verses in God's Word. Every word in our Sacred Text is valuable! We do believe, however, that these unique statements will give us a great start on the major themes of God's redemptive plan outlined in the Bible.

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