Coming to church for the first time can be an intimidating experience.  What should I wear?  Will they single me out and embarrass me?  How long is the service?  Will I know when to sit down and when to stand up?  Will I understand the lingo?  Will I fit in? Will there be a place for me? Will there be a cup of coffee? 

We have designed our services with new people in mind.  We work hard to be a friendly place where the clothes we wear and the words we use will be comfortable for people on any stage of their spiritual journey.  Here are some important things to remember as you think about your first visit:

  1. Dress as you feel comfortable.  Most folks dress casually (shorts are ok, it’s South Florida!) some prefer to dress up a little and that’s ok too.
  2. We will not single you out.  As a new church, everyone is new!  We will do our best to give you a warm, individual welcome when you walk through the doors and then you can quietly blend in with the crowd.
  3. Our services are typically an hour long.
  4. But I’m old, young, different denomination, different religion, different ethnic background….” We all, in our own way, seek God.  Every individual’s journey is unique, be assured that Sunlight is a safe place where you can come and ask questions about Jesus Christ.
  5. A sense of belonging is one of our greatest needs as human beings.  We believe it is the church that gives us that sense of belonging which can only come from God.  It is our hope that your “longing for belonging” will end right here.

The high point of a typical week at Sunlight Community Church is the weekend service. Each Sunday morning, we gather at 10 AM.  We come expecting to experience God in some way.  We come from all walks of life and from very diverse backgrounds.

We have a bit of “ancient/future” feel in our worship services.  We meet in a historic building that sits on the highest point of land in the city of Lake Worth at 22 feet above sea level.  With it’s high ceilings and classic architecture it feels like a place of worship.  We combine this with contemporary worship led by a band.  The music team combines new choruses with some new approaches to some old hymns as well.

Families with children can register their children and then bring them into the main worship service until they are released to our Sun Kids leaders.  You may read more about Sun Kids on our website. Ultimately, the programs for children not only speak to their needs and in their language, but also provide us with the opportunity to communicate to adults, concurrently in the auditorium, in a distraction-free environment.

The church service is about meeting with God, but it’s also about meeting with people. Relationships are the building blocks of the spiritual journey, and we need to be with, and encourage, each other along the way. It’s not good for any one of us to go it alone. We determine to find strength in purposeful relationships.

The teaching is the center-piece of the Sunday worship service. God has gifted our teaching pastor communicate the Bible in a way that applies to our daily lives.  A given message may encourage, challenge, or provoke thought and action.

Our genuine hope is that you experience God’s presence. We believe fully that God visits us, in a difficult-to-describe way, during that hour on the weekend. But, hard as it is to put one’s finger on, His presence, and its power, is the thing that sets a church service apart from any other gathering on earth.  Join us every Sunday at 10 for a time of worship!




1325 North A Street

Lake Worth, FL 33460