December 08, 2019 | Kris Vos

The 4th chapter of the book of Daniel is a testimony chapter. It is the testimony of the great King Nebuchadnezzar. We have met him in the first three chapters. He runs a school of indoctrination for his military captives(1). He threatens his scholars with death if they cannot interpret his dream(2). And he threatens everyone with a fiery death if they do not bow to his golden statue(3). He is a powerful man who exercises complete control over his Kingdom. He is a narcissist who has wealth and power. That is a dangerous combination. His testimony is a dramatic one. God uses extreme measures to humble this dynamic despot.

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In this new series called: Daniel: Unbreakable/Unshakable, we will discover that there is more at stake than just the shaping of young minds. God is positioning Daniel and his friends to accomplish His purposes even while they are in captivity. It seems unusual that God would choose to keep using His people in exile. He often uses His people most powerfully when they are most powerless. All God's plans for Daniel hinge on Daniel's ability to resist the forces that would shut him off from God. You're going to like this story!

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