"Remember your Creator in the days of your youth..."

Our mission & vision is to be a passionate youth group growing closer to God!

Some of our core values:

  1. Belief in God and our Savior Jesus Christ
  2. Love for Each Other, as family
  3. Honesty & Integrity
  4. Hard work ethic
  5. Collaboration
  6. Community
  7. Love

The Long term vision:

  • Our group growing together as a family, accepting of newcomers.
  • Missions trips where our passionate youth get out to reach others near and far.
  • Many more youth in our community coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Our vision for the youth at Sunlight Lake Worth is to see their growth continue and for them to become even closer to God and each other in the process. As Jason continues to lead, we're praying especially for others who care about youth to join the mission to lead by example with humility. Please continue to pray blessings on the youth of Lake Worth for making the decision to stay focused on God and to keep making wise decisions such as being in the word, maintaining good friendships and living boldly with integrity in a world so full of temptations.

Youth, come visit us sometime! Parents of youth in attendance are welcome to visit as well. We meet on Sunday evenings in The Youth House on the west end of the Sunlight Lake Worth campus.