Following Jesus Christ means more than an hour on Sunday mornings.  In our culture, so many people failing miserably at following Jesus because we have reduced it to such a small segment of our lives! Jesus gathered 12 people around him to establish the foundations of the church. If we hope to follow Christ we too must gather in small groups and learn from each other. We have numerous options for you to choose from in finding some folks to do life with.  See below:

Small groups include:

Faith Alive: Tuesday Nights at 7 p.m. Ladies

Men's Group: Thursday Nights 6:30 hangout 7:00 study

Sermon Based Small Group: Monday Nights 7 p.m.

Also: Book Club, Prayer Group & Youth Group!

Sermon Based Small Groups

Sermon Based Small Groups have some unique qualities:

  • No homework!  If you've heard the weekend message you have done all the prep you need.
  • Slide in at the start of a new series and slide out at the end of a series.
  • Bobby Justus leads this group and he comes with a unique background in biblical studies as well as a passion for people.
  • There is a unique mix of single, married, young and old in this group.

Faith Alive!

This diverse group of women faithfully gather to enjoy each other's company and open God's word together.  New people are always welcome.  Every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at church.


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