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Rafael Acosta
Sat, Dec 1 2018
I really appreciate the warm and loving fellowship that exists within this gathering. I have made friends that really have invested in me as a person and as a valued member of the Body of Christ. I look forward to attending every Sunday. This community is really about God, people and love like Christ! I give it 7 stars!
Youth Grouper
Wed, Dec 7 2016
"Ahh Youth group, I used to be a lazy kid who didn't want to do work or cooperate in school. But after getting saved, blessed, and reading the word at Youth Group I've noticed how to be mature, learned how to love myself and God by connecting with other friends and understanding some things. Now I work with my youth minister to understand God and I learned I wasn't lazy after all. I will always follow this word, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13"
Jon & Jileimy
Wed, Jun 8 2016
"Jily and I came to Sunlight in August 2015 to help build the worship and media teams. Little did we know that Sunlight was going to turn into our home church! Every time we enter through the doors, there is this sense of peace and tranquility that is hard to find anywhere else. The sense of family and friendship that there is here is also second to none. Sunlight is a place where you can really grow - not only in Christ but as an individual. We are excited to be a part of this great church and are fully committed to the vision and focus of Sunlight Community Church."
Clayton, Kim, Lucas & Ben
Wed, Jun 8 2016
"We love Sunlight Community Church in Lake Worth. The worship services are filled with meaningful praise and the messages are applications of God's Word. With two boys, we greatly appreciate the children's programs that are available. Sunlight Church is a place where we are challenged to learn more about our walk with God, a place to build friendships and find support when needed. It is a place to call home."
Harvey & Gail
Wed, Jun 8 2016
"We have found a 'family' of friends who have been 'there' for us during the times of difficulty and the joyful times as well. Life is hard, but God is good!"
Tim & Dawn
Wed, Jun 8 2016
"At Sunlight, we have found friendship and encouragement through fellowship on Sundays and small groups during the week. We have been challenged by teaching that is relevant to our everyday lives. We look forward to being with our Sunlight Church family every week."
Gabriel, Amanda & Beatrice
Sun, Jun 5 2016
"We feel very welcome at Sunlight Community Church. We enjoy every moment of the service and message. Great fellowship. It is a very warm, genuine, and inviting church."
Bobby, Helen & Anna
Sun, Jun 5 2016
"Sunlight is a special place because of the people! We are a diverse group who love God and encourage each other through the ups and downs of life."
Jason Bruce
Tue, May 31 2016
"Love my church people! They are family and care about reaching others in our community that it is exciting to be a part of it all... Also, the youth are a fun bunch of teenagers some of whom are already becoming very active in their community."